Adaptive Bike Presentation

It is tradition at Studio Movie Grill, in partnership with Variety: The Children's Charity, to donate an adaptive bicycle to a special needs child at newly opened SMG locations in conjunction with the launch of our monthly Special Needs Screening Program.

Find yourself in the service of others.

On January 21, our first Special Needs Screening at SMG Arlington Lincoln Square took place for the feature film, Monster Trucks. Led my General Manager, Tadd Mansilla, and our SMG Lincoln Square team, this adaptive bike was presented to a very special young lady alongside Heartly, Variety's mascot, and her family. We gratefully share this experience with some of the most deserving and wonderful children. Thanks Team Lincoln Square for helping us open hearts and minds, one story at a time.™

About Variety: At Variety: The Children's Charity, we believe that every child with special needs deserves to reach their potential regardless of their social or physical limitations. By providing funding for therapy, wheelchairs, walkers, specially designed adaptive bicycles, vehicle modification for wheelchair accessibility, prosthetic limbs, life experiences like throwing out the first pitch at a major league baseball game, or even going to the movies for the first time, we aim to strengthen not only a child’s physical abilities, but their confidence as well.

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