Students #ChooseKind at SMG

SMG organized screenings of the film Wonder for over 30 schools and more than 13,000 students across the country. At the SMG The Colony screenings, over 2500 Prosper Independent School District students were able to interact with social-emotional educational facilitators from Big Thought to create an impactful learning experience focused on the themes of the movie, like acceptance, belonging, empathy, and kindness.

SMG Northwest Highway also hosted Big Thought's Thriving Minds After School (TMAS) students and SMG Lincoln Square welcomed 800 young students from the Uplift program.


"Social and emotional learning is a crucial component of a student's success in school, work and life," says Ed Meier, Interim Executive Director at Big Thought. "We are excited to complement the film Wonder with engaging activities that inspire students to mirror these traits in their everyday lives."

About Big Thought: Big Thought believes the opportunity gap will only be solved by bringing the right opportunities to the kids who need them most. By connecting like-minded organizations, we customize programs to meet the unique needs of each community we serve. By igniting the imagination and engaging the whole child through accessible educational programs that reinforce core academic curricula, develop 21st century skills and address social and emotional needs, Big Thought is closing the gap – one child at a time. Learn more about Big Thought.

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