Ticket Prices & Policy

Prosperity Market Ticket Prices

$5 Tuesdays means all of your favorite Hollywood releases are only $5 all day long!

Adult Non-Peak Evening $11.50 Adult Peak Evening $11.50
Adult Matinee (before 5pm) $9.25 Before Noon $7.50
Child (2 to 12 yrs) $8.50 Student (13+ with ID) $9.50
Senior (65+) $9.00 Military (w/ active ID) $9.25
LFX Experience Charge $3.50 3D Experience Charge $3.00


We are open 365 days a year, unless an unforeseen situation does not allow us to be open. Each location's box office opens one hour before the first scheduled movie of the day and closes 15 minutes after the start of the last scheduled showtime.


Box Office / Kiosk:  Tickets purchased at the box office / kiosk can only be refunded or exchanged up to 1 hour prior to the listed show time only at the box office. Refunds and exchanges are not available over the phone or online.

Studio Movie Grill Website (9 tickets or less): Tickets purchased on studiomoviegrill.com can be exchanged or refunded up to 1 hour prior to the show time. You can refund you order by clicking here. Please ensure that your email address and card used for the order is an exact match. This will refund the entire order. Any partial refunds will have to be done in store at the box office. If you and are looking to change seats, show times, movie or location, you can either exchange the tickets at the box office or refund the original order and repurchase tickets for the new selection. If a promotional item is used during the purchase, please review the terms and conditions as some items are one time use codes. If this is the case, you will need to exchange the purchase in store. Online service fees are non-refundable if refund of exchange is handled at the box office.

Studio Movie Grill Website (10 Tickets or More): For online reservations with 10 or more tickets, refunds or exchanges are only available at the box office up to 1 hour prior to show time. Online service fees are non-refundable if refund of exchange is handled at the box office.

3rd Party Purchases: Tickets purchased using third party services such as Fandango, ATOM Tickets, or MovieTickets.com can be exchanged for another movie at the box office up to 1 hour prior to show time. No refunds are available for tickets purchased through third party services.

Group Sales: Refunds are not available within 24 hours of the listed showtime. For questions or cancellations, contact the SMG Private Events and Group Sales Team by clicking here. Please allow up to 24 hours for a response.

OTHERWISE, ALL MOVIE TICKET SALES ARE FINAL AND PURCHASES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. At the time of your purchase, SMG removes your selected seats for the chosen show time from our inventory. While this allows us to provide our guests with the benefit of guaranteed seats, it also prevents SMG from reselling the tickets in the event you do not attend your chosen show time. EXCEPT FOR REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES ALLOWED ABOVE, PLEASE NOTE THAT TICKETS PURCHASED ARE ONLY VALID FOR THE FILM TITLE, LOCATION, DATE, SHOWTIME AND SEATS LISTED ON YOUR TICKET(S)/CONFIRMATION. WE URGE YOU TO CONFIRM YOUR DESIRED SELECTIONS BEFORE PURCHASING YOUR TICKETS. In the rare event that a show is cancelled or the theater is unable to honor your tickets, you will be entitled to a gift card credit or ticket exchange. All 3D movies have a 3D Experience Charge. This charge also applies to all coupons and passes being used.


No children age five or under will be admitted to any R-rated feature.


Studio Movie Grill strives to make going to the movies enjoyable and accessible to all of our guests. With that in mind, our theaters have wheelchair spaces with companion seating. Additionally, SMG offers accessibility devices for guests who are sight impaired or hearing impaired, which, depending on the theater, may include:

Assistive Listening device: A headset that amplifies the film’s audio. This device includes an adjustable volume setting and is adaptable to any auditorium.

Closed Captioning device: This device provides a written display of the film’s dialogue. Simply secure the device to your personal table, then adjust the flexible arm of the device to your viewing angle. The device will display all dialogue in text on the screen.

Video Description device: A headset delivers personal narration of the movie to accommodate visually impaired guests.

Assistive Listening devices and Video Description devices are available for all movies. However, not all titles are made available by studios with captions and/or audio descriptions. Be sure to ask at the box office.

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