Even though going to the movies will feel a little different, it’s still our goal to make SMG the best place to watch one. Behind the scenes, our team has been hard at work creating a cleaner, safer, and better SMG experience for everyone. SMG is #CinemaSafe.

Purchase tickets on our website, the SMG App, or a self-service kiosk at the theater. You can also reserve your own private auditorium; to request information please email us.

You can now purchase menu items on the SMG App, self-service kiosks, or at your seat by pressing your Service Button.

Alcoholic beverages are available for purchase on the SMG App, self-service kiosks, at the bar, or at your seat by pressing your Service Button. *I.D. required; must be 21 years or older.

Seat-side delivery during the show...
We'll deliver your order directly to your seat. If you need anything, use the SMG App or press your Service Button.


October 19, 2020: An extensive study of more than 100 million worldwide visits to movie theaters concluded that no outbreaks of COVID-19 could be traced to a cinema where precautions and sanitation measures were taken. And that's why we'll continue to employ no-contact technologies and CDC recommended cleaning procedures that allow you to get out of the house and into SMG to enjoy movies on the big screen.


Most of our theaters are already open, and we're looking forward to reopening the locations listed below as soon as possible. Keep up with the latest developments at SMG by visiting us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.




The easiest way to SMG


Download from your mobile device.

Download the SMG App. Log in or create a free SMG Access® account. You can store your information, including your favorite theater, previous orders, and a credit card when you create an account.

Pick up your movie tickets at one of our self-service kiosks to have your menu items prepared, and we'll deliver it to your seat as soon as it’s ready.

Avoid any distractions by placing additional food and beverage orders and paying through the App.


Additional information and things to know can be found here.


Reopening Schedule:

  • We will reopen theaters in phases as noted above.
  • We will limit overall capacity; this can vary by location and jurisdiction but expect 50% maximum capacity.

Hours of Operation:

  • Hours and days of operation currently vary by store. Click here to find out when your SMG is open.

Cleaning, Sanitizing & Disinfecting Safety Procedures

Team Member Health and Safety:

  • Every team member is required to have a health check prior to starting work, including disclosure they are not sick and haven’t been in close contact with anyone experiencing signs of sickness.
  • While working, team members will wear a PPE mask.
  • Team members will wear gloves per guidelines while handling food.
  • Gloves will be replaced after physical contact, in addition to scheduled changes.
  • Team members must follow frequent handwashing protocols, per CDC guidelines.
  • As part of the return-to-work procedures and prior to any interactions with guests, all team members will receive training in contactless protocols, cleaning and disinfection, and proper hygiene. Team members will be trained in CDC recommended COVID-19 safety guidelines.

Highest Standards of Cleanliness:

  • The entire theater is cleaned throughout the day and all common areas are regularly disinfected.
  • High-contact surfaces (door handles, counter tops, faucets, kiosks, railings, restrooms etc.) will be wiped down with a medical-grade sanitizing agent at a minimum of once every 30 minutes.
  • Seats, armrests, cupholders and tray tables will be routinely disinfected between every screening.
  • We will maintain nightly deep cleaning of all auditoriums, bathrooms and high-traffic areas. Doors will be propped open where possible to provide easy and touchless access.

Responsible and Safe Social Distancing:

  • Our digital ticketing solutions will automatically block seats to ensure social distancing between parties.
  • Seating arrangements will follow all social distancing protocols. Groups must be at least 6-feet apart. If you come with a family, you may sit together, but respect others and maintain a healthy social distance.
  • We will limit overall capacity; this can vary by location and jurisdiction but expect 25-50% maximum capacity. Seating capacities and arrangements will follow all local, state, or federal guidelines.
  • Six-foot physical distancing markers will be displayed throughout common areas. Most aspects of auditoriums at SMG are designed in a way that is already more spaced out than other movie theaters. The distance between rows exceeds six feet from recliner to recliner.

Guest Admittance Expectations:

  • We suggest Guests wear face coverings until they are seated in their auditorium. Where required by state and county officials, face coverings for all Guests will be mandatory.
  • Hand sanitizer stations are readily available throughout the theater for our guests and team members.
  • We advise all guests to frequently and thoroughly wash their hands and refrain from touching their face.
  • Disinfecting wipes will be served with food orders and upon request.

Cashless Payments

  • We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and gift cards as forms of payment. American Express is not accepted at this time.
  • Guest will have the ability to swipe their own credit card and remove their ticket stubs from the printer.
  • Cash, if the only option available, can be exchanged at the box office for a gift card.

Tickets, Free Passes & Theater Entrance

Where should I purchase my movie tickets?

  • Guests are encouraged to purchase their tickets, food, and drinks through our free SMG Theaters App, available for download through the App Store and Google Play. The App offers convenient, contactless ordering and payment options for our guests. We highly recommend confirming your location selection and address prior to submitting your ticketing order.
  • You can also purchase on Fandango and Atom tickets. The Fandango infrastructure currently doesn’t not offer earning points with the SMG Loyalty program for ticket purchases. We also have kiosks in our theater lobby available for purchasing tickets, food, and drinks. Guests who need special assistance may use the box office.
  • SMG SUBSCRIPTION members can reserve their tickets directly through the unique subscription members-only app, SMG SUBSCRIPTION. SMG Subscription members will need to order food and drinks through the standard SMG App, on a Lobby Kiosk, or with an in-theater Server.

How do I gain access to the theater and admittance to my auditorium?

  • If you haven't purchased tickets before arriving, you can do so at one of our lobby kiosks. If you've purchased tickets before arriving, please scan at a kiosk.
  • When theaters begin seating, hosts will help guide guests to their seats while practicing social distancing.

I have a free movie pass that expired when theaters were closed. Can I use it?

  • All passes with a 2020 expiration date will now be extended and valid through December 17, 2020. Any studio restrictions still apply.
  • Passes can be exchanged for tickets at the box office.
  • Please check our website for pass restrictions.

Ordering Food & Drinks, In-Theater Experience

SMG’s updated in-theater dining menu includes house favorites like our famous Panko-Crusted Coconut Chicken Tenders, indulgent Beignets, and freshly popped Gourmet Popcorn, plus new offerings like our Chile Lime Chicken Salad, and Smoked Beef Brisket or Sriracha Chicken Sliders. Our full-service bar now offers celebrity-inspired cocktails featuring Ryan Reynolds' Aviation American Gin, Matthew McConaughey’s Wild Turkey Longbranch Bourbon, and 50 Cent’s Branson Cognac.

How should I order my food, non-alcoholic, and bar drinks?

You several have CHOICES! You are in control of the ordering experience:

  • The SMG App: Guests can now order food, non-alcoholic drinks, and most standard bar drinks through our free SMG Theaters App, available for download through App Store and Google Play. This offers convenient, contactless payment and ordering options for our guests to experience SMG in the way that they feel most comfortable. The App also saves your favorite orders. When you scan to pick up your tickets as you enter the theater, the App will automatically signal the kitchen to begin freshly preparing orders placed in advance via the App. Guests also have the option of placing their order via the App at any time after arriving at the theater and scanning tickets, while on the way to be seated, or in the auditorium. Orders and re-orders are immediately sent to the kitchen or bar.
  • Self-Service Kiosks: Tickets, food, and drinks may also be purchased on the self-service kiosks in our lobbies. Kiosks offer another convenient, contactless payment and ordering option for our guests to experience SMG in the way that they feel most comfortable. As guests complete their food and drink order on the kiosk, guests may select one of multiple options for when they want the kitchen to start preparing their order.
  • Team Members/Servers in Auditorium: Team members are also available to take food & drink orders. Our team members will be wearing masks and remaining an appropriate distance from guests.
  • App or Kiosk: Place your food and drink order any time after you’ve received your ticket confirmation. When you sign in to your SMG Access® account, the app and kiosk prompt your ticket purchase movie, time, auditorium, and seat location to easily add on your food and drink order when you are ready. Note: The added convenience of automatically populating your ticket purchase is not available for purchases made through Atom or with subscription reservations. We recommend any special or complex substitution alcoholic beverage orders be placed directly at the bar. All guests ordering alcoholic beverages must be 21+ years old and show proper ID upon delivery. SMG team members share tips and we encourage guests to consider acknowledging their service by adding a gratuity. You can specify your tip amount in the tip/gratuity tab.

In-Theater Experience:

  • Team members have been trained in proper food-handling protocols in order to reduce person to person contact.
  • We will continue to deliver food & drink orders directly to your seat location, table-side.
  • Disposable single-use printed menus will be preset in-theater for those that choose not to order via the app or kiosk. We also have QR codes for direct links to the menus online.
  • Non-alcoholic beverages will be served in single-use disposable cups with lids.
  • We will continue to deliver food & drink orders directly to your seat location, table-side.
  • We are implementing a moderately limited menu featuring guest favorites, plus some new offerings, to ensure that we are able to maintain the safest possible food-handling environment.
  • We are reopening with testing SMG app orders via your phone during the movie, however this requires diligent silencing of your phone, dimming your light and discreetly placing a reorder or add-on so as not to disrupt the experience of other guests.

Bar/Lounge Experience:

  • We have reduced the capacity of our bar and lounge area to allow for at least six feet of space between all parties.
  • Our full liquor, beer and wine menu is currently available.

SMG Access Loyalty & Subscription Members

  • Perks for Eats and Drinks: Members will now earn points on food and beverages, in addition to ticket purchases and all prior benefits of waived online ticketing fees (Director level), sign-up bonus, b-day and anniversary gifts, free screenings and special offers.
  • Benefit Extension: All Director memberships expiring March-August, will be extended through September 2020. All Subscription members can use their benefits for FREE through August 31, 2020 and monthly billing will not restart until September.

Curbside Takeout & Delivery

As an added convenience to serve your many occasions and various comfort levels, SMG is now offering Curbside Takeout and Delivery service options.

Curbside Takeout:

  • SMG now offers Curbside Takeout via the SMG App.
  • Guest may also call the theater direct to place a menu order for off-site consumption.
  • Orders must be picked up at the SMG lobby bar.
  • Curbside Takeout is available 30 minutes before the first showtime and will close 30 minutes after the last movie start time.


  • SMG now offers Delivery via Grub Hub, within a 3-mile radius.
  • Delivery is available 30 minutes before the first showtime and will close 30 minutes after the last movie start time.
  • Given the 3rd party involvement, we are currently unable to provide SMG Loyalty earn on purchases through Grub Hub.

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